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Active Personnel Ltd:

With over 20 years of industry expertise, Active Personnel is proud to be a top-rate and reliable supplier of security guard services.

An effective visual deterrent, manned security guarding is still one of the most popular methods to ensuring the safety of your premises and personnel.

If you require dedicated gatehouse security for an industrial facility in Peterborough, or you need professionals to monitor access to a lively corporate office, our highly qualified guards will take care of your problems. Their dual role abilities, including performing risk assessment and health and safety checks, mean we can tailor our manned security solutions to supply a huge range of needs.

Providing much more than a simple security presence and patrol, Active personnel manned security officers take an active and dedicated approach, so you get the results you require.
With over 20 years of industry expertise, Active Personnel is proud to be a top-rate and reliable supplier of security guard services in Peterborough and all over the UK.

How we can help

Our SIA-licensed security guards and officers are skilled to the very best industry standards and offer a wide-ranging portfolio of services. From crowd control and mobile patrols to CCTV monitoring and concierge duties, we have you covered.
Our night watch security officers can ensure your Peterborough premises are guarded at the riskiest time of the day, putting your mind at ease 24/7.

For businesses with far-reaching, unsupervised properties and sites, and those housing valuable equipment or stock, nightfall reveals a big threat. At Active Personnel we can dispatch fully trained, SIA accredited night guards to look over your premises, leading mobile patrols and internal checks to prevent criminals from causing harm and disruption to your business.

If an illegal incident or anything suspicious occurs, you can feel sure that our guards will act speedily to deal with crime safely and effectively, no matter the time.

Recruiting Security Guards & Officers

If you’re seeking-out a reliable, motivated and customer-focused security company in Peterborough that can supply fast turnaround speed to security breaches to protect your business, choose Churchill Security today.
We strive to provide reliable security officer services to clients and, because our skill-set covers over numerous industries such as construction, corporate and retail, we are perfectly positioned to provide you with a bespoke package.

Whether your security needs are big or small, we can give a solution just for you. Simply call us today on the free number listed above, or fill-out our online form for a speedy, no-obligation quote.

Meeting your security needs

To make sure our clients’ security needs are met, we offer a comprehensive selection of security services – including security guards, key holding and alarm response, CCTV monitoring, event security and mobile patrols. Each of our bespoke security packages is created in line with our clients’ specific needs.
Our processes and solutions have been recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as being “industry-leading”.

Active personnel Ltd provide a complete range of manned security guards, giving you the flexibility to meet each property’s requirements-and your budget. We only supply the highest caliber uniformed security guards, all SIA licensed, DBS checked, fully trained and highly experienced.

Uniformed security guards can ensure your property is fully protected, restricting unauthorised access for potential trespassers and preventing theft, loss and damage.

Depending on the size of your property, uniformed security guards provide highly visible cover throughout the day, overnight and the weekend if required, especially for premises or property spanning large areas such as warehouses, industrial properties, transport yards and vacant land tracts.

Our security dog handlers provide an unrivalled visual psychological deterrent, as well as physical obstruction to those ignoring polite notices or intent on committing criminal activity.

Capability & Flexibility

Active Personnel Ltd within 3 hours to meet emergency requirements, Active Personnel Ltd has the capability and flexibility to install licensed security officers anywhere within the UK our accredited operations comply with BS 7499 regarding security guards and mobile patrols. Active Personnel Ltd is also fully compliant in BS7984 regarding key-holding.
Static on-site security guards the role and responsibility of a uniformed, static on-site security officer is extremely broad ranging

Static security guards are there to protect your premises through the prevention of theft, avoiding water and fire damage and deterring vandalism they can also control access for any visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry to your property.

The static on-site security officer is an integral part of the management of a site and is in a position of both authority and responsibility-effectively representing your company as well as providing a range of site management and security services.

Adaptablility and Expertise

This requires a high level of adaptability and expertise, which is why Active Personnel Ltd only employ highly qualified and trained SIA licensed professionals in this role.
Properly managed assignments instructions are client-approved to ensure guard duties exactly meet site requirements.
Guard safety and welfare is taken just as seriously, with site assessment regular supervisory visits as standard.
  • 100% SIA licensed guards.
  • Security guarding that works.
  • Guards supported by ISO systems and teams.
  • Prompt arrival.
  • All activity logged and reported.
  • Supervisors spot-check guard performance.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Professionally – guarded site = happy client.
  • Unique “not happy, don’t pay” guarantee.

Fast relief for all
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Active Personnel Ltd:

How our client’s benefit:

This service provides a cost-efficient way of filling short-term vacancies. The client has no long-term commitment to the staff member.

We do the recruitment work that can be very expensive for short-term vacancies. We do all the payroll; legal compliance work and you get one simple invoice to keep you covered. Your labour costs are fully tax detectible with one simple invoice paid by direct debit, it couldn’t be easier!

Active Personnel Ltd:

What can we offer?
Full-time roles or temporary contracts

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Care Workers

How do we find these people?

Our screening and vetting process is crucial to ensure we are picking people who will thrive and benefit your business.

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With management which has over 15 years’ experience of Warehouse Recruitment experience, Active Personnel Ltd fully understand that the Warehouse & Logistics sectors are the infrastructure and operations that ensures products or services get to the end user, and that everything from shipping / freight, Warehousing, Distribution, Transport and Inventory Management, are all integral to the process. Our professional team have years of in-depth knowledge in sourcing the most suitable workers to fill your vacancies in any area of the Warehouse & Logistics sector.

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