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We understand the Logistics sector

Active Personnel Ltd fully understands that the Logistics sector forms the infrastructure and operations that ensures products or services get to the end user and every stage in between, and that it encompasses; Shipping/Freight, Warehousing, Distribution, Transport and Inventory Management. Our professional team have many years of in-depth knowledge in sourcing the most suitable drivers to fill your driving job vacancies.

Quicker and easier

Not only do our specialist driver recruitment consultants understand the needs of both drivers and businesses obtaining them having worked in this area of recruitment for over two decades, but Active Personnel Ltd maintains an extensive database of HGV and delivery drivers, which enables us to fill a wide range of either temporary or permanent driving jobs, including those with particular licence requirements, such as HGV ADR Drivers, and other specific needs, both quickly and efficiently for Client.

Ensuring we remain compliant as a business, follow all professional procedures in relation to checks required within the Driving industry is vital. Our driver recruitment consultants are fully trained and know exactly what levels compliance are required when drivers register with us. Understandably the Driving industry is one where the safety of all road users is paramount; and Active Personnel Ltd aim to safeguard our clients or candidate’s safety to the best of our ability. Such as upholding the Rules on Drivers Hours and Tachographs as set by DVSA.

Driver Recruitment Campaigns?

Hiring one of our agency Drivers can relieve your organisation of the expense and hassle of placing ads and recruiting drivers yourself, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. When you consider that a single 9cm x 3cm column ad in a local newspaper costs over £1,200 – for just one insertion, the value of using Active Personnel Ltd to recruit qualified drivers becomes even more apparent! Our financial commitment to job advertising allows us to increase marketing activities as the market dictates, leaving one less thing for you to be concerned about.

We run a 100% compliant operation, so every single one of our drivers is fully screened and reference-checked and will abide by a strict code of conduct.

  • HGV Class 1 Drivers
  • HGV Class 2 Drivers
  • HIAB
  • ADR
  • Multi-drop
  • Tipper
  • FLT Drivers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Transport Managers

Fast relief for all
your recruitment pains

Active Personnel Ltd:

How our client’s benefit:

This service provides a cost-efficient way of filling short-term vacancies. The client has no long-term commitment to the staff member.

We do the recruitment work that can be very expensive for short-term vacancies. We do all the payroll; legal compliance work and you get one simple invoice to keep you covered. Your labour costs are fully tax detectible with one simple invoice paid by direct debit, it couldn’t be easier!

Active Personnel Ltd:

What can we offer?
Full-time roles or temporary contracts

Construction Workers

Warehouse Workers

Agriculture Workers




Care Workers

How do we find these people?

Our screening and vetting process is crucial to ensure we are picking people who will thrive and benefit your business.

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With management which has over 15 years’ experience of Warehouse Recruitment experience, Active Personnel Ltd fully understand that the Warehouse & Logistics sectors are the infrastructure and operations that ensures products or services get to the end user, and that everything from shipping / freight, Warehousing, Distribution, Transport and Inventory Management, are all integral to the process. Our professional team have years of in-depth knowledge in sourcing the most suitable workers to fill your vacancies in any area of the Warehouse & Logistics sector.

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