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Active Personnel Ltd:

We provide a cost-efficient way of filling short-term vacancies.

The client has no long-term commitment to the staff member.

Active Personnel does the recruitment work that can be very expensive for short-term vacancies. We do all the payroll; legal compliance work and you get one simple invoice to keep you covered. Your labour costs are fully tax detectible with one simple invoice paid by direct debit, it couldn’t be easier!

Active personnel Ltd was formed with one sole intention of supporting other businesses, so whether you need to temporarily expand your team to cover an expectantly large contract, or have a permanent need for more staff, we are here to ensure this happens quickly and efficiently. We also have screening and testing processes in place to make sure the new team members we find you are a perfect fit.

There is nothing worse than having to work through a series of new starters, invest time and training and then discover they do not have the skills needed to adequately fill the role, landing you back at square one. Our aim is always place staff who will be a credit to your company and perform well int the position you need to fill.

What can we offer?

Because we can offer staff, who are looking for full- time rolls or temporary contacts you can also bridge any gaps in service that you haven’t the funding to hold all year. Every person we place with our valued customer is an expert at what they do. Our expertise is recruitment which means you can leave us to get that area sorted out for you while you spend your time and effort on your speciality, be that construction, engineering, healthcare or transport logistics. We cover so many areas we are entirely confident we can source the people that will help you make your business a success.

How do we find these people?

Our screening and vetting process is crucial to ensure we are picking people who will thrive and benefit your business. If you are not a recruitment specialist, this can be nightmare to cover. It is a complex process, and we ensure that our checks are in-depth, so only the best candidates are progressed. We can check right to work, criminal records checks, and of course employment history and qualifications to make sure candidates really match your job descriptions. Finally, we ensure that the service we offer is cost- efficient, there is no point pricing ourselves out of the market, so we aim to provide a sensibly priced service that delivers actually what you need, not just a close second.

Why choose Active Personnel Ltd?

Recruitment can be a headache for many companies. especially if you have a small admin team leaving You to focus on what you need to do.

Staffing a human resource section is a nice idea, but for many companies it’s not financially viable. Outsourcing has become a popular way to cover tasks you cannot cover tasks you cannot cover for yourself, and with Active Personnel Ltd also gives you a stress-free route to find specialised staff without a massive drain on your time.

Active Personnel Ltd:

What can we offer?
Full-time roles or temporary contracts

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With management which has over 15 years’ experience of Warehouse Recruitment experience, Active Personnel Ltd fully understand that the Warehouse & Logistics sectors are the infrastructure and operations that ensures products or services get to the end user, and that everything from shipping / freight, Warehousing, Distribution, Transport and Inventory Management, are all integral to the process. Our professional team have years of in-depth knowledge in sourcing the most suitable workers to fill your vacancies in any area of the Warehouse & Logistics sector.

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